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In-Store Specials for New Electrician and Contractors Accounts
In-Store Specials for New Electrician and Contractors Accounts
How to determine Cheap VS High Quality LED lights

How to determine Cheap VS High Quality LED lights

Almost all LED companies advertise 50,000 hours lifespan. This is quite a long time, does each light really meet this standard?  You may not be always getting what you want when purchasing cheap products, so how can you determine the difference in quality?

Heat dispassion

All led lights need good heat dispassion to keep from overheating and running properly. Products with good heat dispassion will use strong materials like aluminum as a heat sink to keep the light working for its entire lifespan. Some products will use cheaper alternatives such as plastic heat sinks. This will cause the product more of a chance to not perform 100% or even fail during it’s lifespan.

LED Chip Types

LED Chips are manufactured by many different companies around the world that very in quality, with USA and Japan being the leaders in high quality LED chips. The main difference is the materials used in making of the chips. The larger chips provide more stability against current variations but come at a higher price.

Power Supply

Low quality components and low life capacitors make the LED drivers unreliable. Chinese drivers use low end capacitors resulting in shorter working hours. We at LED Panel Depot ensure we use high end components keeping our product running at 100% for their full lifespan

Light Quality & CRI

Another costly thing in LED lights is rare earth phosphor. Cheap producers use low quality phosphor to lower the cost of their products. If you notice different spots of white in the light this may be a sine of low quality. CRI is also important to take into consideration. Higher CRI is needed depending on the application of lighting. Most lower end lights will have poor CRI ratings as a light with good CRI will require higher quality phosphor.

Construction / Assembly

Last but not least the construction and overall look of the product is important to consider. Chinese manufactures produce lights in bulk to cut down on costs and this can cut quality along the way. Make sure to inspect thins like paint quality. Low paint or coating is not applied well this can indicate that components inside are also constructed cheaply. When cheap price surprises your eyes, keep calm, and distinguish the durable quality from bad cheap led panel lights.


Courtesy - Nick Syzmanski, LED Panel Depot

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